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 Rifugio's Country Italian Cuisine is an Eclectic Italian Restorante well worth the drive into the countryside. Just fifteen minutes outside of Bellingham in beautiful Deming, Washington. We source local ingredients use the highest quality products able. It takes time to have a great experience. So sit down relax and enjoy. Our site will lead you through our menu, venues, specials, local events, peoples experiences and stories of food, love and life.

Note: eclectic - deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. 

Warmth & Love to all.............. Mr. Rifugio

An Interview with Cascadia Weekly March 13, 2011

I am posting an interview with Cascadia Weekly March 13 of 2011 done by Amy Kepferie. The same principals still hold true more refined though. Read enjoy comment


On Mar 11, 2011, at 4:12 PM, Amy Kepferle wrote:

Richard - Thanks for your reply. I was out and about until after 11am, so didn't get your message beforehand. If you have a minute before Monday morning, can you answer the following questions.

1. What's your professional cooking background?
Believe it or not most of it started in the kitchen of my mother, the memories of my Italian Grand Mother & Auntie. My Auntie is the only one still with us on this beautiful earth. This is where many of my memories &  inspiration come from. My learning came from cooking for myself and for large groups of friends in my hometown of Cleveland Ohio. Friends that were always impressed by my ability to set an environment that was intimate & food that was always different & delicious. The majority of my refinement came from my own restaurant kitchen Il Caffe Rifugio. It is an ever learning experience.  

2. How would you describe the cuisine, overall.
I would describe the cuisine of our caffe as ever changing and fresh to the best of our ability. Many great recipes came from need and from what we had on hand. One such praised item sought after is our Marion Berry Dressing. We needed a dressing I could not see buying one from a store so we made our own. Our dinner menu is Italian in inspiration but leaves room to cross over into Asian & Slavic influences. This would be reflected in two of my dishes "Cheese filled Ravioli with sour cream, caramelized onions, Parmesan cheese alfredo or my pumpkin curry cream with the same ingredients. I am ever searching for new ideas from old Italian cook books my current focus would be Sicily the birth of my Grandfather and where we have visited a few times.

3. What's your motto when it comes to cooking?
Keep it fresh simple ever changing & delicious. Have people depend on the unknown.

4. Why are you worth the drive?
We are in beautiful Deming, only 15 minutes from I-5, have ample parking, plenty of property to take a walk have a pick-a-nic see the Eagles. Oh by the way we serve great coffee, beer, Mount Baker Wine among others. Probably one of the best burgers in the area people say. We have an always unique menu bake all our bakery deserts in house. Make the traditional Italian candy "Torrone". We host gallery shows have great music.

5. What do you enjoy about feeding people?
I am an Artist by nature. I like turning things upside down convincing people to try something different and the shock of it being strangely great. I have just created a new scone "Sugar Basil" with white chocolate & pesto that creates just the response. I have say I like putting on a show setting the seen listening to peoples great stories and leading them into something different.

6. What's your favorite menu item right now (personally)?
Good Question?
Panino - a new sandwich grilled and not grilled depending on my mood - a Genoa Salami with tomato, aioli, spring mix & mozzarella cheese.
Dinner - Lamb with our special sauce either on a loaf of bread grilled with bells and cheese or over a bed of risotto.

7. We are looking for Gallery Artists, and people able to play music anything from Funk, Classical, Jazz, & Folk. Our Gallery normally runs monthly and ends with a Finale or ending show to allow all people time to be with the art before buying it.

Anything else you'd like to add would be great. Thanks for the great meal!

It was great to have all of you at the caffe I have a great time.



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